Writing Update

Well I’ve done about 3 drafts of my graphic novel script and I thought I might be done. So I decided to move on to thumbnails before I start to over think things. I found that the method I began after my last writing post just wasn’t cutting it. I couldn’t find a foothold in that method (plotting out scenes on post-it notes and rearranging till something worked). I needed to just dive in. I picked up Stephen Kings’ book “On Writing” from the library and found it refreshing. He advocates just sitting down and writing (everyday if possible) and not worrying about what you’ve created until a later date. That took some of the pressure off, I sat down and wrote in small chunks over a few weeks. I wasn’t thinking of it as a script that would be illustrated later but as a story, which helped me flesh out and visualize scenes. It came together really easy since I had already made so many notes. A lot of story points and characters changed during the process which I’m happy with. I guess by creating something less abstract I could order the plot better. Knowing where I’ve been helps to guide the future. I find it strange that I need to unlock new methods of working, for me that is as much a part of the creation as the final product. I suppose that will never change.

So far I have plotted out twenty-four pages (all of chapter one) and broke down the remaining paragraphs into sections that will be the page breaks. Re-examine the first sentence again, “I thought I MIGHT be done”. After breaking it down I felt some scenes needed to be expanded. I split later chapters, moved others and I’m adding a new one smack dab in the middle. Why? Well, to service the story. I want to make something I’m proud of not just some crap thrown together for expediency. I think I’ve got a handle on how much information I want on a page and how I want the story beats to be structured. The pacing is where some of it felt off to me, a journey should feel a little more epic than “he heads out and then gets there”. Not that that’s how I wrote it but you get the idea. Now it’s just a matter of refining and I can get back to plotting out pages.

As for art, I’ve been drawing up some T-shirt designs that I’ll post real soon. Also I made a template for plotting pages that has 4 pages on a sheet of paper in the proper aspect ratio showing the page spread so that I can make sure everything flows together nicely. The idea behind making these thumbnails is to lay out the composition and not labor over the drawing. Keeping  them small so they don’t get overworked, after that groundwork is laid the next step should go smoothly. If anyone is interested I can post the template PDF.

I’m thinking of making a weekly update post to track my progress, something quick not all rambling like this one. Hold me to it.

Come on, tell me what you think?