What color was that mead again?

I began brewing my own beverages last summer, beer, mead, cider and wine. What does this have to do with art you say? Well in order to differentiate the various bottles (especially the ones I plan on aging for a while) I needed labels. I did a few quick sketches that I was just going to add text to and affix them to the bottles. But after scanning my drawings into the computer I got a little carried away with coloring them. If you’re going to do it, you might as well make it look good, right?

For anyone who has homebrewed you will be aware that peeling off labels sucks. So for mine I decide to make small collars for the necks that I could glue only onto themselves so they could easily be removed when I want to clean and reuse the bottle. I decided to test the glue on the smaller one, since I would prefer a bigger label for next time (if it comes off cleanly of course). Here’s the three labels and the final product.

winelabelsMay 2, 2013 002