The Pod

A long time ago the sun was damaged by a beast beyond the reckoning of mortals. It was left broken and the men of earth had to quickly find a technological solution. The heat and light has to be amplified and sent back home to sustain the planet. But, this solution is only temporary, soon this too will fail. A vision from the Oracle has predicted a Savior, his own son Hagall. A soldier he believes is destined to travel into the stars to find the Mother Goddess and ask for her advice. Only the path is not clear and others within the pantheon have different ideas.

I’ve been working on this story for at least 2 years if my blog posts are a reliable timeline. The ideas have been bouncing around in my head for a long time. About 10 years ago while listening to a crazy interview on the coast to coast radio show a seed was planted. Back then I had an image in my mind for a painting of a warrior in a small space pod sent out into the cosmos. I tried sketching it, but that didn’t work no matter how hard I forced it.

So the idea sat and others soon joined it and evolved. They combined into a network of thoughts that I refocused and organised into a story. Now it is a 6 issue comic book mini series or a graphic novel that will be roughly 150 pages, I say roughly since it still evolves and grows. So far I have the whole thing written and thumb-nailed out. The first chapter (issue) is almost complete. I Just need to paint and letter a few more pages as well the second is penciled an I have begun inking it. Yes I am inking and painting on top. There is a certain look that I am aiming for and on the first pages that I’ve finished I’m happy with the results. Here is page 1 as an example, pencils and finished painting.

If you are interested in following the progress or my painting techniques, I have a Vlog on youtube where I show the development of this project as well as some tutorials of painting and inking. Also if you would like to support me and this venture I have a patreon campaign where I will be posting even more behind the scenes process and videos.