Increasing Productivity & Inking Page 12

The Pod page 12

Increasing productivity is my focus, but creating a schedule can be hard. Juggling not only your life’s responsibilities and dreams but those of your family as well. For a long time I tried to squeeze my dreams into that little window of time when everyone else was asleep until I needed to sleep. The problem for me is I’m getting older and my kids like to get up early most days. That was never a really good plan but at least I put in some time. Burnout follows that strategy like the plague.

I wanted something better. Using my best and brightest hours for myself not a 9 to 5 job. So I started getting up early. First I added a half hour and did that for months. Working on small tasks that advanced my goal forward. Recently I added another half hour and decided everyday was a good time to get things done. It works so far for me but, I will just issue a word of caution get sleep. Things come up and you will stay up later than intended. Don’t make it a habit. I’ve done this before and was very satisfied with the results, but fell off the horse after a few too many late nights and took a break.

The bonus I find with working on your dreams early is something always gets done. You just need to get up and put in the work. Little by little things get finished. That feeling of accomplishment sticks with you all day. When working at night, time slips away, things come up, exhaustion sets in. Focus, dedication and determination to keep going pull me from my warm bed. After a few minutes I don’t mind. I have already forgotten the small discomfort and engaged myself into a world all my own. Most of the time I even forget to eat breakfast or get ready for work. Those things can wait I have a dream.

If you want to follow me on my journey, join me on youtube where I discuss the progress on my painted graphic novel “The Pod”. In this episode I ink part of page 12 and discuss more about getting up early.