My Last Vlog?… At least for now.

A few things came about that made me quit my vlog. First off, making videos takes a lot of time that could be used to finish my comic. Also I haven’t been happy with some of the videos lately and I put them up for the simple fact that I was on a schedule. Lastly my camera broke, it was dropped at some point leaving a dent in the lens housing and now it wont focus. So until I fix it or get something new there wont be any filming.

Thanks to everyone who watched and supported me. I will put out other videos just not in a vlog format. Ideally I want to make some more polished videos, tutorials and cooler stuff.

Anyway gotta get back to being a dad. Thanks, Later.

With limited time and so many projects and self imposed deadlines something has to give…

For the last little while I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with a lot of different pressures that I have imposed upon myself. For example a weekly update schedule for my vlog and blog. As well as a drawing a day on instagram for Inktober and finding time to work on my comic. All of this is unsustainable, I know Inktober is close to an end and that brings some comfort.

Flaming Minotaur - Inktober 2017
I’m Burning out!

These past few months I have been weighing the time put into my vlog compared to the impact that I receive and it doesn’t seem worth it. There are parts of the videos that I need to improve on, like my narration and topics. For now I think all that my time would be better allocated to working on my comic. It is a slow process when tackling it all alone and I would like to see it done sooner rather than later. The longer it takes the more likely I am to give up. At least that is how it feels to me with time ticking away and only small steps being made.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you are screaming into the void and all you hear is your own voice. I have a few more vlogs planned and the I will take a hiatus to focus on The Pod. However I will make more videos, just not in a vlog format. I don’t know yet what that will evolve into. I just need a change, thanks to everyone who has watched and cheered me on.

As for everything, else that will remain the same for the time being. Evolution is a slow process I’m going to make one step at a time.


My Inktober 2017 Goals and Fears…

In a few days I will start the Inktober Build a Beast Challenge and I thought I should outline my goals and fears about doing it. Overall I think it will be a good experience, my main issue is with my arch nemesis time. I don’t really want to put other things on hold while I take on this challenge and I know I tend to render more detail than I should at times. So it will be tough. I’ll post the first drawing video net week. In the meantime follow along on instagram. Almost done pages 14 & 15 check below to see where I’m at.

No Matter how much Effort is put in it is Never Enough!

Sometimes I feel like I’m not putting in enough effort on my comic simply because this is taking so long. With nearly 15 pages finished and many more waiting in the wings. I can see why most comics are done by a team and not painted. Doing it all myself is both rewarding and daunting.

So far I am happy with the results that I’m getting, but with limited time to work on such a large project it is very easy to get discouraged. I plug away a little everyday and it never seems like enough. Always picking the task that fits my window of time. So I have pages at various stages of completion. From rough pencils to fully lettered and everywhere in between, so many pages are perpetually unfinished. I guess I just haven’t reached any tangible goals yet.

Considering I work a full-time job and have a family, I suppose it is amazing what I’ve done with the time I do have. What you love will consume you and it takes time from those things that don’t matter. Over the years I’ve learned what I can give up to help achieve my goals. For me that meant TV and video games mostly, which for me was easy. My focus has shifted solely to my work in those moments when I’m not with my family. Being a parent takes a lot of time. It has forced me to find what was important to me in my life and art. I target that because it is very easy to lose your creative self in the day-to-day grind of a busy life.

One thing that has been bothering me a bit. I know I would be a little further along if I didn’t take on side projects here and there. Mostly I choose to do them to get a break for The Pod. It is nice to see something completed for a change instead of waiting forever for a small piece of satisfaction. But the price is that I have stolen some time from creating my graphic novel. It is a fine line to walk, just to keep my sanity.

I suppose this is on my mind because I am almost finished my first year of vlogging about making my comic. So far I am only halfway through painting chapter 1. I do have the pencils done up to the beginning of chapter 3 but the painting, clean up and lettering is what takes time.

I think I’ll start penciling again just to try to build my momentum up, after Inktober of course. It will be nice to get further ahead in that department. Initially I stopped penciling to catch up with inking and painting but it is apparent now that isn’t likely to happen. My painting process has become more streamlined over this past year but it’s not feeling any faster yet. I need to make more adjustments in order to speed up. Anyway just thinking out loud, time to get back to work.

My Best Tip For Painting Better

In this weeks’ vlog I break down my best tip for painting better. It’s very simple really, my best tip for painting is just sit down and paint. You will get better through practice and repetition. Over time you will learn what works and doesn’t work for you. Try techniques and abandon them, it’s about trial and error learning your craft. No matter how long I make art I know that I’m in a constant state of learning. There is no tangible end goal of how good I want to be. Therefore, I want to be the best artist I can be at any given time and that means I have to be better than yesterday. This episode has me working on pages 14 and 15 of The Pod, check it out and see how much I’ve progressed since last week.

My Rules for Inktober

As I said in my last post I’ll be participating in Inktober but under my own set of rules. On this weeks vlog I’m outlining the rules for anyone who missed out. All while laying in the under-painting on pages 14 & 15 of The Pod. Also I talk about some other projects I have on the go, like my short comic Low Fuel. I just need to finish the lettering and it will be updating on webtoons shortly.

Forced to Waste Time

Well it’s been slow at work and I mean real slow. I hit a point this week where there was nothing to do for a few hours straight and only small things to draw out my day. It’s one thing wasting your own time but being forced to go to a job because you need the money and then having them waste your time that is infuriating. When you are a person who has a lot of things on the go just doing nothing isn’t really an option. I have a whole quiet rant about it on this weeks Art Vlog while I ink pages 14 & 15 of The Pod. I’m still a little angry, mainly because I have another day of it. Maybe I’ll sneak in some sketches on my down time. Later

Back Story and Underpainting – Art Vlog #35

I’ve been very analytical on my posts here and on my vlog. It’s in my nature and for some reason I have a hard time loosening up and getting comfortable. It takes me a lot of time but I do get there eventually. I tried something different on this weeks vlog, instead of just explaining what I’m doing while painting, I talked about the story itself. I like how it turned out, I’m definitely starting to figure out a system that works for me.

Making My Patreon Great Again!

Making Patreon work for me is something that had escaped me for the last few months. I started because I could. It was one more place to put myself out there and expand my readership. After starting it I wasn’t sure where to take it. So, that’s where I left it like a sad puppy wanting some attention all the while I was somewhere else.

I knew it was time for a change and I did it. The whole thing has been revamped, with new tiers, new goals and the look streamlined. I decided that if someone wants to help me achieve those goals I needed to provide more to them than I had originally thought. Now any patron can read finished pages of the Pod before they’re published anywhere. More behind the scenes stuff will be added weekly. Also I wanted something physical that I could offer. So, at my highest tier thus far I offer an exclusive postcard every month with a sketch on the back. There’s more to do, and I’m pumped to get back to work. New ideas are circling my brain just waiting for the chance to burst out.

I just want to thank everyone who has already pledged this month, you are AWESOME!!! As well I want to thank everyone who shared my post about my review on the comic vault. If you haven’t seen what I’m up to take a look at my Patreon page or my Vlog. I have plenty to see and more to come. Thanks again for all the support.

Finished Pages and a Comic Show

Well I finished painting pages 8 and 9 of “the Pod” this week. It felt like an eternity working on those paintings. I also attended the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VANCAF) which was awesome. I showed my work around a little but mostly it was independent artists selling their books. It was inspiring seeing how much work people are putting in to their projects. For myself I can feel overwhelmed at times just thinking about how far I have left to go. At least the stack of finished pages keeps me moving forward. This weeks Vlog shows the last bit of painting and clean up on pages 8 and 9 if you want to check them out. Scanning and lettering are up next. Later