Lord of this world, Evil Possessor, Lord of this world, He’s your Confessor now!

Despite not having power in my studio for a week after some brutal rain I finished.


Here he is in all his unholy glory. I kind of went all Skeletor with his skin tone which wasn’t my original thought, but I like how it set the body apart from the background, and a good He-man reference is always welcome. I didn’t use a gamut map on this one I just mixed some greens, greys and ochres and stuck with it. As for the under drawing experiment if anyone remembers my earlier post http://lukewelchart.com/2013/07/23/chainer-of-souls/ (I used various pencils to get the shading correct), I think it was more trouble than it was worth. A tight drawing helps but a more traditional monochromatic under-painting  seems to work better for me since I laid in tonal washes over certain areas anyway. I am happy with this one despite that one observation, the painting process was pretty fast too. As for the weird title forget about it, lets go back a few years and steal the name of my band that had more T-shirts made than practices played Soultaker.


As far as taking photos vs scanning, photography wins and here are my reasons why.

1. The colors are truer to the original artwork.

2. Large pieces don’t need to be scanned in sections and pieced back together in Photoshop.

3. Glare and some unwanted texture can be avoided with proper lighting.

For Skump the photo worked better but the texture remains. I don’t find it as intrusive and I can’t complain since I am happy with the original and the texture is part of it. If I buy this acrylic paper again I’ll get the smooth surface and save myself the headache. For the paper I have left I’m going to either work the canvas pattern into the piece or smooth it out with gesso and a palette knife.

Here is the side by side comparison Scan vs Pic

We want the Skump gotta have that Skump ow

I finished another portrait over the weekend, but I’ve run into some snags scanning the image. My scanner is picking up on the canvas like texture of the paper leaving a waffle pattern across the painting. Normally I use a smooth bristol so this isn’t really an issue but I decided to try an acrylic paper for the last two paintings. Overall the paper isn’t bad but if I wanted a canvas texture I would use the real thing, a stamped design just feels a little cheesy. I’ve enlisted a photographer friend to help remedy my scanning dilemma, it should be a better option anyway. Here’s the scanned version of Skump the luck guided wandering barbarian cleric of Kythera aka Driftwood. I’ll post the photographed version later for comparison. (looks ok small but large WTF)

The horde is disappointed in my lack of progress

I’ve been fighting the worst cold ever for what feels like an eternity, so I haven’t done much painting. Here’s where I left off, I tightened up some of the middle ground elements and I laid in base color washes over most of the unfinished areas. I’m going to leave the beard and hair for last since it overlaps just about everything. Considering all the gear he is encumbered with I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far so fast.

I’ve got to find some better lighting for taking progress shots, the flash washes out the subtlties and without it everything is tinted orange.

When in doubt use the crazy eye

I was going to paint tonight but judging by all the crap that went wrong today I think it would be better to just leave it till tomorrow. Here’s an update on my next portrait. I started the same way as the last one using a gamut map this time a bluish-green, Bright green and red were my primaries. I mixed a lot of colors I knew I would need like browns for the gear and green for the flesh tones. Also I made a nice earthy black mixed from a forest green and dark red. Pre-mixing the paint has freed up my painting time considerably, here is the first progress shot.

Skump Progress

Skump update

After posting my portrait of  I noticed his left eye looked weird, turns out it was too close to the bridge of his nose. Also I was informed by Joel his beard should be longer which I am more than happy to modify being a huge fan of longer facial hair. Upon further examination I found he wasn’t as encumbered with gear like I had intended so I added his bow, a bedroll and a backpack, his chainmail also got a little love.Driftwood 2

Character Portraits

After I finished my Bio portrait I mentioned that I was going to do some Fantasy portraits of some friends. I based them on their characters from a DnD game that I’m running. The first is a wandering half-orc barbarian/cleric that’s just a little bit crazy (yes I said Barbarian/Cleric). The second is an Elan psionic with a thirst for knowledge who happens to be wrapped up in a revenge plot with his adopted elven brother. Anyway here’s the first two sketches.

Amon SketchSkump AKA Driftwood Sketch