DIY Taboret (Art Table for us more simple folk)

I’ve been looking everywhere for a taboret or something similar to rest my art supplies on while working at my art desk. For awhile I was using a broken kitchen chair that was left in the garage by the previous tenant. I found that leaning over every time I needed to clean my brush or access my palette was driving me insane. Also constantly knocking over my brushes that I had to precariously place on the desk was not working. Needless to say I couldn’t find a suitable replacement at a second-hand store or on the side of the road. It seems all the taborets or carts they sell at art stores are stupidly expensive. I came to the only possible solution build the damn thing myself.

Step one get a lot of wood.

Sept,22, 2013 009

At Home Depot I had them cut the plywood to size as well as the 2x4s (mainly so I could fit them in the car). If I had written plans I would have had Home Depot cut all the wood to size. Although, winging it is really the only way, I can design it specifically for me. The size and height are unique to my needs and the space I have available. The top is 24″ x 36″ and It stands at about 31″ which is perfect at my desk and chair height.

Next I made two frames with the 2x4s each the same size as the top (24″ x36″) and then connected 21″ supports to the bottom on the inside of the frames. Then I notched the plywood for the lower shelf and installed it, next I mounted the top frame and tabletop.Sept,22, 2013 010

Not bad, but it ain’t done yet. To clean up the sides and top I added some 6″ tall facing boards on the top to give me a 2″ lip all the way around to keep anything from falling off and some heavy duty wheels for ease of use.

Sept,22, 2013 011

Up next will be some dividers and plastic drawers, an airbrush mount, cup holder, fuzzy dice, tinted windows etc. Overall It only took a few hours to build using only a hand saw and drill and the cost was under 60 dollars (would have been 40 with no wheels). I’m so stoked to use it but, I may have to wait a few days till I can find some free time to paint. Let me know if this was helpful, I’d love to see other taboret or side table designs anyone is using.

Come on, tell me what you think?