Table top

Here is how I ended up dividing up my work station.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I used some one inch strips that I had left over from the build and screwed them down at the corners. So far it works great, the only thing I’ll change is the back row, I could use some more upright storage for brushes and pens. Underneath I added an old set of plastic drawers that fit perfectly. It holds all my paint, pencil crayons and all the weird stuff I’ve gathered over the years that doesn’t see much use.


I also added a small hook to hold my airbrush and a paper towel rack on the end. Too bad it’s damn cold out there right now. I tried inking last night with a space heater under my desk but my fingers were getting numb holding a metal ruler. I may need a few more heaters or I’ll clear a space inside for a while.

Come on, tell me what you think?