Step 3 make a mess

I made a few color studies in photoshop. I originally was aiming for a blue and purple color scheme but I didn’t like where it was going. I opted for a similar scheme to the previous portraits, ending up somewhere in between the two. The next thing I decided to do was airbrush in the shadows. I mixed up a dark brown for the skin tones and a forest green for the armor and hair. It was taking forever to get the right color and opacity using just  primary colors , black and airbrush medium. I could have much more easily just layered in some washes with a large brush using my regular paints. Next time I think I’ll just use straight black and glaze it later with color

.April 7, 2013 002

Since then I’ve been fighting skin tones for a few days but I feel that I’m getting close. Blending with acrylic is a strange push and pull battle, pre-mixing various skin colors can help but I always seem to need more colors and as a result I layer wash after wash.