So much prep work (Draw,Draw Draw)

I’ve been working on a ton of stuff lately, just not “finished” work. I revised my script yet again. Originally I was going to enlarge my thumbnails and letter them, so I wouldn’t need to flip back and forth between documents when penciling, but writing that small was a pain in the butt. What I did instead was edit out all the descriptive text and left just dialogue and captions which I printed out and glued to the backside of the previous page. I’ve also been drawing a lot trying to refine the character designs. Here’s a robot  that I’ve been working on.


This is at least the eighth version. It’s not quite what I was thinking of, but it is in the ballpark. I’m going to try to post some others over the next week. maybe I can make a habit of it.

Come on, tell me what you think?