SO close and yet SO FAR away

I jumped in head first and tackled all of the lettering this past week (which is awesome because the pages start to look finished). I also came to the conclusion I don’t particularly like my writing (or my font), mainly because the letters aren’t uniform enough. It seems that I tend to fluctuate in character size even when trying not to. I thought that would be the case going in so I found some options. Blambot has some nice free and pay fonts specifically for making comics, another site I’ve found is comic book fonts which has lots of great stuff but at a premium price. I got a few from Blambot  and am happy with the results, since I’m still learning the craft of comics I figured it was more worth my while to get some work done than to mess around with the fonts I made until I’m happy with them (I can always do that later). As for digital coloring, page one is mostly done and others are in varying degrees of completion. I see why a team of people usually work on these things, it is a ton of work. Although doing it solo means I’ll get a huge sense of accomplishment when I’m done. I just need to log a few hours at the computer to hammer this one out.

I’m undecided about doing a “cover” painting. On the one hand it would be cool to do a painting again (it’s been 4 months since I finished my last one) and on the other I’d like to dive into my next story idea which is already taking shape. There just isn’t time for everything is there?

Come on, tell me what you think?