Slow progress is still moving forward

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks I can barely remember my name. I’ve done a few vector based designs in illustrator and kept up with some sketching, but nothing too interesting to show. I’ve written a plot for an eight page comic akin to creepy, eerie or the twilight zone as well as started thumb-nailing it. That can wait for a later post though. Here’s what I’ve done on the chainer of souls (that’s a working title it feels kind of like I’m trying too hard or just lazy you decide). A few more washes on the background is all there’s been time for,  work permitting I should get a full day for it next week, fingers crossed.

sept. 3 2013 008

This feels related but I could just be sleepy. Who feels that they push too hard towards their goals? I can never push enough, maybe it’s age creeping up or maybe my desire is stoked from lack of time to work on a number of personal projects. Small steps are pushing me forward I can see it in the work I’m doing. There always seems to be a peak that is within sight and it rises as I do. I want to be there and yet I hope I never reach it, because this growth is a big part of what keeps me going. My best piece will always be what I am creating at that very moment. They may not all be great but I will have learned something from it to make the next even better. I guess I feel Maybe I need to justify to myself why I make art and a little pep talk can’t hurt even if it’s from myself.

Come on, tell me what you think?