Sketch Bots

Here are a couple of sketches I’ve hammered out over the last two weeks. Yeah it’s more robots since I’ve got a sci-fi story burning a hole in my brain right now, I just need a little time to set it free.


I finally decided to crack open a moleskine book that my son gave me back in November. The precious nature of the thing has kept me at bay for a while and as a result the drawings I’ve been doing are more finished than normal. I packed up my pens and some non-photo blue pencils and went to town practicing inking. I really like using the blue pencil now, it’s so subtle that a line can be re-drawn quickly without erasing and still produce a clean picture. As for the book I really dig it, there is virtually no bleed through on the paper and it has a nice smooth finish. For the next few I think I’ll try more spot blacks and textures.