Accepted and Published!

I'm published! There is a comic on Comixology with my name on it! I have compiled the black and white comics that I've made over the past few years as well as a preview of The Pod into a digital comic. The version is slightly different than I have shown before, I used some vintage paper textures overtop to emphasize the old school look of the book. I think it came out great. It is also available in my store for anyone wanting to get it direct from me. Only $1.25 CAD. Should I make some printed copies? I would love to, but first I need to see if the demand is there. Most likely I will especially if I do a local comic show.

There are 3 short stories and the first 7 pages of The Pod. All tales of sci-fi/Horror in the vein of old Creepy and Eerie from Warren Publishing in the 60's. I really like playing in that world and will definitely do more in the future. Check it out if it seems up your alley.

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