I finished the script!

I passed it off to a friend for some feedback and in the meantime I plan on moving on to plotting out the thumbnails and fleshing out the character designs. Here’s the template I’ll be using. Download it if you like.

Thumbnail Template

As for the story, here is the elevator pitch. It is a Sci-Fi / Fantasy tale in which a “Viking” warrior is sent on a spiritual journey into space to commune with the gods he doesn’t believe in to find a solution for his dying planet. Don’t worry it gets a lot weirder from there. I initially started with some key scenes in mind and I kind of let it grow from there. Over the course of a few months ideas written on scraps of paper piled up, I still have so much that just won’t fit in this story. Something to be mined at a later date I suppose.



Come on, tell me what you think?