Keeping a Schedule & Painting a Double Page Spread

A new schedule, finally it feels like I’m getting somewhere. Keeping a schedule has me focused. My head is always in the game. I don’t need to bring myself back up to speed after a day off. What I’m doing is getting up at 5am everyday and working on comics until I have to go to work or my kids wake up. Another benefit is I think I’m sleeping better having the same schedule all week. Opposed to the get up early for work and stay up late on the weekend chaos that I tried before.

This week I continued working on pages 4 & 5 of “The Pod”. The newest Vlog is up on youtube. The painting process is going rather smoothly with very little problems. Although I did have to cover up some of the template lines that were printed on other pages. That is something that I have already fixed for later pages. Anyway check it out and see as I start painting the monsters.

Come on, tell me what you think?