Running the Gamut

I decide that I’m going to try using Gamut mapping on my next few paintings and see how it goes. Gamut mapping is a way of creating a harmonious color scheme designed by James Gurney (I’ll let him explain Essentially you take a color wheel and mask off what you don’t need. Most often using a triangle, the colors at the points become your new primary colors and anything in that polygon can be mixed from them.As you can not see well in my crappy photo I have dull yellow, bright red and purple as my subjective primaries. After mixing those colors I mixed a few lighter and darker shades (more than shown here). Next I put my paint tubes away so I don’t get tempted to add anything else. I can mix new colors from these, so far I like the cohesiveness of working this way, but I’m a little worried that I didn’t mix enough of certain colors. Here another link to a site where you can map out a gamut and print it I found a pdf color wheel and made my own map in photoshop because I found the one I printed from live painting lessons was a little too muddy. Anyway here’s where I’m at in my painting so far.