Return of the Ice Dragon

Sorry devout followers I haven’t had much work worth putting up for some time. But the christmas break blessed me with some pigment pushing. Remember that dragon from way back when? It’s seen an upgrade, I changed the head for the sixth time and now I’m really happy with it. the under-painting and background are coming along fairly nicely.

Jan. 31, 2013 063Jan. 31, 2013 066

The first one has the basic background and colors blocked in. When I added the mid-tones and darks I took the opportunity to fix some of the anatomy. Mainly the fins on his back, the face and I beefed up the shoulder.. For the shadows I mixed up a bluish black and airbrushed over the blues and darkened some of the clouds. I still need to darken up the castle a little and add some mist, then it’s all about rendering the beast. I must say the photo doesn’t appear nearly as dark as the original.