The painting techniques I learned with the Devil.

satan demon painting

Hey, Remember this Painting? After going through some old files I found some Painting footage that I had totally forgot about. It was of me working on the You Me and the Devil Makes 3 artwork. I added some commentary to walk through the acrylic painting techniques that I used. Feel free Check it out on Youtube and let me know what you think. Improving my filming techniques and lighting are two things I’m working on as well as being more relaxed in front of the camera.

This painting came out almost exactly as I envisioned it, the dept in the red skin tone really stands out for me. It was achieved by layering washes of colour, building cool purple shadows and warm orange and yellow highlights. The background ended up being the wildcard, a crazy swirl of colour. The brushstrokes were kept loose and wild until I brought those flames under control. This was a bit different for me I tend to be very tight in my execution, but I try to let loose whenever I can. Unfortunately the camera died before finishing the background.

Overall I think I learned a few things from this one. First long brush strokes are very hard to get right. Second slowly building colour offers a nice depth to an image. Lastly transparent yellow has a hard time covering anything, use white first then tint it with a glaze afterwards. I hope this helps anyone learning to paint. Thanks.

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