Re-learning what I’ve done time and again, a painters journey.

I know I’ve said this before but every time I sit down to paint it feels like I’m re-learning how to do it. This morning I found myself adding a third wash to the same area trying to build up a shadow. The contrast seemed a little low to me, which sucks since I fully rendered the under drawing to help with that very problem. I always find it hard to dive right in, there  seems to be this slow build until I reach a halfway point and then I can just go to town. The forgiving nature of light washes of color is holding me back from creating loose and spontaneous background elements since I tend to be re-working areas multiple times or just layering paint. Trying to keep ideas like staying loose in your head instead of falling back into a routine is a fine line to walk, but I hope the fact that I’m thinking about it will eventually drive the point home. As for what I’m working on, it’s the background machinery on the Chainer of Souls I’m attempting to keep everything in a subdued palette to create some  visual depth, the darkest shadow being a medium grey. I’ll post a progress shot when I’m further along.