A Productive and Inspiring week & Art Vlog #17

Overall this week has been pretty good both productive and inspiring. I made some headway on my comic, videos and website. I managed to squeeze in some painting on pages 4 & 5 , finished inking page 11 and pencilled page 56 & some of 57. Also, I successfully switched this site to a new host and started to tweak some settings, but I have a lot more changes planned.

The inspiration came throughout the week, while at work I listened to a bunch of Ted talks about finding your purpose and who you want to be. They left me fuelled with so many ideas that I can’t wait to try. For example, accomplishing 3 small goals everyday or being mindful of the tasks at hand. Be true to yourself and understanding the criticism you receive. Take stock in who it came from and why they may have that opinion. Are they cutting you down because they have failed in the same or a similar task and don’t believe anyone can succeed. Just a few thoughts to explore for future posts.

Anyway, my new Art Vlog # 17 is up on Youtube showcasing the work on my painted graphic novel “the Pod”. I am getting the hang of the video editing but, it still takes time to get it right. The struggle I have is questioning if I gave enough information or if what I said was relevant. It would seem doubts creep in no matter what you do. It’s better to just ship something and get it out into the world than to keep it locked away until it is perfect, because nothing ever is.

Come on, tell me what you think?