Recycle: Homemade Portable Drafting table

Time for a new desk. How about a portable drafting table this time. Sadly my wall mounted art desk is no longer with us. The tabletop sustained some water damage in the garage and was too large for my new studio space (bedroom or kitchen). Luckily I salvaged everything but the top. This time the best option would be to build a portable and adjustable drafting table. So I cobbled together a design from the few that I found online and tried to make use of the parts of my previous desk.

First holes were drilled in the oak side rails to act as the height adjustment. In order to keep the support holes consistent the side rails were taped together when drilling them. A small frame was constructed out of 2x4s and the oak side rails to serve as the base. Next door hinges were attached to the base and to an Ikea table top that was re-enforced with 1/4″ plywood on the bottom. This was required since the tabletop is hollow. The original supports from the wall mount table were trimmed to roughly 13″ and connected to the underside of the table so they will sit on the outside of the base. That way they wont interfere when the table is folded up.

I kept the hinges made from bolts and L brackets to mount the supports. Don’t worry I have pictures in case this seems complex.  A long bolt was hammered in at the end of each support to act as the adjustment. This bolt also locks everything in place with a wingnut, when it is set up or folded. Finally some wood was attached on the bottom edge to act as lip to hold my paper and tools when the table is angled. Originally I was planning on putting a handle on it for portability but the table seems too heavy for the handle that I bought.

Hopefully this helps anyone trying to build a similar portable drafting table. I know seeing how other people make things always sparks my imagination.

Come on, tell me what you think?