Building a Comic Piece By Piece

Back again with some more painting. Piece by piece I’m slowly making progress on the page 4-5 double page spread for my comic “The Pod”. I’ve been building up the background first which at times can feel tedious. Just plugging away, filling spots with color, it is a step by step process. I have broken it up into little chunks just like everything I do (at least in my mind). From each step in the development (pencils, inks, paint, letters etc.) of a page to the individual components contained within. Bite size easy to manage pieces because it is the only way to finish something big.

Piece by piece the puzzle gets built. My mind is solving problems that I know are coming up all day long. So when the time comes to execute I can just work. At times I find It strange having an almost complete picture of the finished project in my head. As one more panel or rough layout gets finished the final image becomes more clear. Another layer of paint and a collection of lines adding up to a completed page, then chapter and book.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t planned everything. When I sit down to paint I’m constantly changing my mind and color choices throughout the painting. Nothing is set in stone. If it was I would get bored and slip away. Just enough is intentionally left to figure out at a later date to keep me interested for the duration. The same is true for the pencils, inks and lettering I try to stay open to new ideas. So I can create the best possible comic that I can.

Catch up with me on my Art Vlog #20 while I work on the background elements. Thanks Guys, Later.

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