See how I’m Painting my Comic Pages

I’m painting comic pages for a graphic novel project. “The Pod” is a sci-fi story where a soldier is recruited by his religious father to be sent out into space to commune with the gods in an attempt to in an attempt to find an answer to their planets’ dying sun. I have 150 pages of story are written and laid out. The first chapter is penciled and half those pages are inked. This here is page 2 & 3 being painted. Acrylic paint is my weapon of choice since it can be thinned out and layered to build depth or painted thickly for texture. Not to mention it dries fast and doesn’t stink (I’m looking at you oil paint). I plan on painting each page spread together to keep similar colour schemes and create a different mood for each scene overall.

As for the Painting techniques I like to use in general. Well, with a thinned out brown sienna I begin to lay in the shadows for my under painting. This is a technique that was used by a lot of master painters over the years and I find it can give some warmth to a painting. A small amount always seems to show itself in the finished piece which is always a nice touch. For later pages I will try other colours for the under painting depending on the scene. Next comes the base colours (a mid tone) for the objects. Then it’s just a matter of building the shadows and highlights on top of that mid tone. If the highlight is warm I like to make the shadow a cool colour or vice versa. Just a few things to think about when approaching a new painting.

The video is also on youtube with some of my other tutorials and Art Vlog that follows the progress on “The Pod” I hope you’ll check them out.

Thanks, I hope I helped in your quest to paint.

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