New Gear

Here’s a new toy that I picked up last weekend. Before, i was using aerosol cans that hook up to my airbrush and they would get extremely cold with moderate use which would eventually cause the thing to lock up. Not to mention you need to spray while cleaning the damn thing which just feels wasteful. I was weighing  my options for a while, getting a  CO2 tank or a compressor. I like that the CO2 is quiet, but it needs to be refilled .For roughly the same amount or even a bit less I got this little compressor. It doesn’t have an air tank so it turns on whenever it’s in use and it is silent enough to use late at night (well at least at my house). I tried it out and am impressed so far. I’m gonna have to try some more involved paintings in the near future, I’m thinking maybe doing an ink drawing then layering in overtop and see where it takes me.