Music is the tie that binds

Inspiration can come in many forms. My muse is music which has been a huge part of my life for a long time. It has led me across the full spectrum from ambient to rock to jazz and yet I always come back to metal. I gravitate to the strange things that excite those hidden places in my brain. The stuff that never makes it to radio and only scratches the surface of subculture. Metal in all its forms lends itself to epic stories of space, dragons and warriors from ancient lands. All the things I seek out in comics, movies and literature.

I discover new bands all the time mostly from youtube at the moment. In my quest I have found multiple channels dedicated to different subgenres of music with artists from around the globe. All day the soundtrack of my workday is a quest to find new and interesting things. Much to the chagrin of my coworkers. As a result I tend to seek out less aggressive choices like space rock, post rock, doom metal and neo psychedelic. Long droning instrumentals transporting me away from the dismal landscape of my day job.

With the internet there almost too much to take in, new albums drop everyday and rare gems are unearthed. Shown to anyone brave enough to listen. I must admit the album art draws me in at first (I am an artist after all) although like a book the cover doesn’t tell the whole story. I’m an archaeologist of the under appreciated and must be diligent when uncovering new discoveries. I build a collection of new favorite albums to take me on a journey to the next masterpiece.

I have compiled a playlist of my gems feel free to explore. There is the psychedelic world music of Triptonus or the Sci-fi synth adventure of Arcadea, a side project of Brann Dailor of Mastodon. Some are bluesy or instrumental and many have long songs that weave through an audio journey. A perfect soundtrack for drawing. I’m not sure whether the music ignites my creativity or just my curiosity, all I know is I am transported away for a short while. Especially when creating art I find myself locked into the task at hand and not realising the album I put on ended an hour ago. Setting my mind free to roam the ether while my hand glides across the paper letting intuition guide the drawing.

Music has always inspired and continues to inspire my art. From album covers, t-shirts to fan art based off song lyrics. It has even penetrated into my graphic novel “the Pod”. Song lyrics have sparked ideas, visuals and scenes throughout the story. The main character Hagall is a failed musician led to a different profession by society and his father.

I always envisioned the story as a sort of space rock opera, Star Wars meets the Heavy Metal movie. It was my original intention was to write a soundtrack as a companion for the comic. I should probably stick to what I’m best at for now, considering how much I have left to do on the book. I can’t justify taking time away from it for bizarre musical experiments besides I haven’t played much music for a long time. Not to mention I would need to enlist other musicians help to see that project though. Since I am mainly a drummer and only a dabbler in all other instruments.

When I need to be inspired or take a break from the outside world I can always find comfort in music. It is a personal soundtrack unique to everyone telling your own story. Thanks for letting me share mine.

Come on, tell me what you think?