More designs / Slight variations

I know this is getting a little spammy with the t-shirt designs but every vote helps. I revamped some designs and posted them on threadless, there are still a few days left to vote at . It is a strange system, part popularity contest and design challenge, I don’t know exactly what the benefits are as of yet since I haven’t had a design chosen but I’ll keep plugging away. I am working on an all new design that I hope to get finished soon, the inks are done I just need to add color. I think I’ll paint it rather than digitally color. It’s very heavy metal inspired, which should come as no surprise. Here are the two that are up now.

Untold-Galaxy-tee Forget-Me-Not-Unicorn

In other news I’ve plotted out 40 pages of my comic so far, changing a few pages from my earlier draft of chapter one. Also some character designs are still in the works, most I already have figured out. I’m not sure how much I should reveal at this stage since I’ll be at this for a while. Slowly but surely, thanks to everyone who has voted so far.

Come on, tell me what you think?