Mona Lisa Scowl

I’ve adjusted the skin tone and sculpted the facial features more but, the lack of eyebrows reminds me of a certain Renaissance damsel. I wanted to blend the skin before adding hair, eyelashes and tattoos. I’m not too happy with the tattoo design and I’ll probably change them again I want something more ornate. As well I think I want the armor to have some interesting stitches or decoration of some type. Since this photo I’ve started on his clothing and further blended the background I also fixed the neck muscles to make the tilt of the head more believable. so far I like how this one is progressing. On a side note if any readers remember the trouble I was having with the texture on the acrylic paper. I may have solved the dilemma, I simply flipped it over and painted on the back which is fairly smooth. The scan or photo will be the real test though.

Apr.14, 2013 022