Making Comics and a Few Thoughts on Trying New Things

My mind is always going and thinking of new things I haven’t tried yet. Working out strategies for things I’ve already done. Trying to make myself better in everything I do. While making comics or working on a project I always find ways to streamline my process. Something can always be done better. This is only natural, I want that to be there in all aspects of my self not just art creation. For example creating templates for custom youtube thumbnails or making a comic page layout template. These are some things I’ve already implemented.

What I would like to do is schedule regular social media and blog post updates. Set up passive revenue streams that run themselves. Finding these venues and discovering what they can do for me is the key. First I need to manage my time efficiently and not sabotage myself anymore. So I can finish more work and essentially have more to talk about.

Anyways, that’s just a little of what I’ve been thinking about lately. In this weeks’ art vlog I show some of my pencils and talk a bit more about these ideas.

I also have my comic Forever Green up on webtoons

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