Overcoming long standing lazy habits

We are all lazy sometimes. By cutting corners, sleeping in and just plain slacking off. I try to accomplish at least something small everyday that brings me closer to my goals. That way I have a feeling of accomplishment to keep me motivated to keep going. My goals at the moment are finishing my graphic novel and getting better as an artist and writer. Lofty goals for sure but,… go big or go home. Am I right?

Over the years I’ve experimented to find what I can do to be more productive. I’ve said it before but waking up early works for me. I find getting some work done first thing is extremely satisfying, the feeling of accomplishment carries throughout the day. Although I do find myself being less lazy as I get older in general. Limited time gives the feeling that there is no time to waste. I’ve killed my share of time in front of a TV or video games but I no longer even have the urge to sit and turn my brain off. I have opened a  floodgate of ideas and it’s impossible to turn it off or finish them all.

Mainly it’s self-discipline that keeps me going. No one is going to tell me to get up and work on my projects. I have to be the drill Sergeant. If anything family and friends tell me to take a break. Which I do at times, usually when I feel burnout setting in. That doesn’t mean I don’t slip up. Sometimes I sleep through my alarm. Sometimes I miss a blog post, but I make myself get up and do it again regardless. I need to sift through my priorities everyday and address the most pressing items. If it is something that pays the bills or has a deadline those things get done first.

I’m not a machine. I know there are many ways I could be more efficient and improve. Planning ahead would go a long way but I have yet to develop a system that works for me. So for now I aim to stay focused on the tasks at hand and soldier on everyday when the drill Sargeant kicks me out of bed.

Come on, tell me what you think?