Inking is the easy part the tweaking takes up all the time

I finished inking my last page a little while ago, but I’m reluctant to show my work just yet. Here’s why, unlike a painting these images are part of a whole story and I believe that seeing the final product first will be more interesting. It’s like when a friend tells you all this great stuff about a movie and when you finally see it you’re disappointed. Who wants the ending ruined before you see the movie? So with that in mind I’ll be posting small discoveries that reveal themselves throughout the process. When I release the final product I plan to go back in more detail with my process, I’m still developing it after all. As it stands I still have tons left to do like scanning, cleanup, coloring or toning, font building, final dialogue, lettering, sound effects, title, pagination and a cover painting, many parts of which I plan on archiving here.

One thing so far that I have noticed is my inking style changed pretty rapidly either as a result of putting in the time or becoming more confident with the tools. I found that I prefer using the micron pens over a crow quill nib simply because at this point I can get more of the kinds of lines I want out of them. I also like inking with a brush but again it wasn’t always giving me the line I wanted. It seems there is no one way that I approach a page but in order to maintain a consistent look I’ve gone back and re-inked and or re-drawn certain panels. I’m excited to see how the toning will change my drawings as well as how the text will integrate. Basically I want to see it finished, but all this work hasn’t got me bogged down I’ve even began brainstorming another story and creating some character sketches. Here’s one to tide you over so far I call him the Electric Wizard.


Come on, tell me what you think?