Inking page 11 & Updates on progress and website stuff.

It’s Friday time for another art vlog, time to break out the pens get inking. In this episode, you can watch as I ink 4 panels of page 11 of my painted graphic novel “The Pod” and talk a bit about updating this very site and my Youtube channel. Finally made it past the extreme detail of the first panel. Now the characters can move further on their journey down the right column..

I’ve realised over the last little while that I could be a lot better at posting here and putting in the appropriate metadata, tags and all that seo stuff that I hadn’t thought of too much. I’ve been trying to find some good plugins for wordpress, mostly for seo. It seems that is not the place to be for me anymore. Looks like I may be moving to and see how that works, since the options seem to be a lot more robust. Anyway, I hope you like this weeks’ episode, Thanks.

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