Getting through the day

Like so many artists I work a day job, something has to pay the bills. I’m a screen-printer while somewhat art related most of what I make is not artistic in the least. Recently I’ve been listening to art and illustration podcasts at work to keep me motivated and focused on creation. It’s a very tough working full-time, enjoying time with the family, making art and we mustn’t forget finding clients for my freelance work. I gave up watching TV , playing video games , hell I even find it hard to sit down to read a book and if I do it’s usually while my wife and son are watching something (half the time it’s art related). I’ve tried to set aside time for drawing and painting, by drawing on my lunch break, getting up early or staying up late, but after too long I get burnt out. It’s easy to be a zombie at work but when making art I need much more cognitive function, eventually I hope to find a system that works for me, juggling is a trained skill and I’m still figuring it out.

Anyway, as for the podcasts, I’m really enjoying one called Art and Story ( It is a few years old but still relevant, mainly focusing on making indie comics and peppered with some freelancing info. The hosts are entertaining, Jerzy and Mark freelance by day and make comics by night, always working and feeling guilty if they’re not and boy can I relate. There are hundreds of episodes and I find it to be very informative on a lot of subjects, story structure, character development, digital coloring and anything else under the sun. The podcast is very process oriented, and if you’ve read my blog you can tell that I love to find out the nitty-gritty of how an artist works. I just thought I’d share a little something that helps get me through the day.