Gamut mapping verdict

Overall I love it, I feel by using gamut mapping it simplifies color balance and unity. It seemed that I could do no wrong and that freed me up to concentrate on light, form and contrast. The only problem I ran into was my palette is too small. First of all I use acrylics and I wasn’t able to mix the colors I first created on my stay wet palette without tainting them simply from lack of space, so I mixed on a disposable one. Which is fine, but the paint dries so fast I found myself mixing colors multiple times. Another thing I would do differently is Mix more color strings (varying shades of the same color) aswell as try to create pigments that I know I will need for that given painting. One last thing I’m going to try is to make a neutral black mixed from the darkest in my primary color strings. So here’s the final painting I hope you like it.