Tales of the Damned featuring Forever Green the motion comic

My comic Forever Green has hit the big screen (dependant of the size of your screen of course). I have made some limited animations to it and turned it into a motion comic. A motion comic for those that have never seen one is a comicbook that has been animated. Sometimes the drawings are manipulated to be made to look like mouths are moving or the characters are walking. Which usually looks cheesy, sort of like the Spiderman cartoon from the sixties. What I chose to do instead was just pan down the pages slowly as they were being acted. Originally I planned on following the panels in the standard left to right reading direction but found that most of my panels were horizontal anyway. So I believe my choice makes more sense.

It’s really a full 3 and a half-minute cinematic experience featuring the first time voice acting talents of myself. But seriously I really like how it turned out, I find the music and sound amp up the drama so much. It is hard for the drawings alone to achieve the same level of dread or atmosphere alone.This is the first time I’ve made a motion comic. It was fun to make and I may have to try this again. Anyway it is up on Youtube so you can check it out. I finally got around to making a cover for it although I ended up using a widescreen aspect ratio so it doesn’t really work as a comic cover. As a title screen though, it works great.

Come on, tell me what you think?