Follow your Dreams, I know I will

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelieve me I know it’s hard to want something, to work towards a goal. To follow your dreams and to fight every day to make time in an already hectic day. I know and I do it. Why? What else would I do? I haven’t been the type of person to waste time in front of a television or playing games in a long while.

I want to learn! I’ll read a book, draw, paint, make music or even build something. Always creating. It takes a toll on you, your family and possibly your day job, but it’s worth it. Am I right? It must be, for those minutes when you lose yourself in the process, the brush strokes, when the whole world disappears, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although sometimes I almost envy people who can just get off work and veg out watching mindless tv, almost.

I am too restless, and I’ve played it safe for too long. Seize the day because what else is there, tomorrow wont bring change unless you want it, you bring it. I get lost in my life so often it feels like it passes me by. When someone asks how I’ve been all I ever seem to say is busy, I can never think of anything at the time. Work, family, art repeat, I lose touch with all but the closest of friends and even then it’s been way too long since we hung out.

Sometimes you win, but today I lost. My time was eaten away and I have nothing left, my tank is empty, I’m just burnt out. Tomorrow, I have plans for you, big ones that could fill your entirety. Oh I know you will fight back, you have an agenda of your own, but I’ll steal my moments and little by little I’ll build my dreams one piece at a time. Try to hold me down and I’ll claw, bite and scream till I’m free because at this point it’s survival. Follow your dreams everyone, it will make the most important person in the world proud of you, yourself.

My process Vlog on youtube is up to episode 7. I’m going to be more diligent at posting them here, check it out and see the progress on my graphic novel “The Pod”. I’m updating on Fridays, watch, like or share every little bit helps get my art out to more people. Thanks

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