Enter the Fog

I’ve been working at the art desk every weekday morning for close to a month now. I’m really enjoying it so far, that is till I have to finish my coffee and head out to work. I feel somewhat fulfilled creatively (45 minutes at a time). Normally I would be kicking myself when I found that there was no time for my projects and end up staying up too late one night and being a zombie the next day. Not to mention being a grumpy bastard. I’ve also been sketching during my lunch hour sometimes losing track of the time. That is the feeling I crave most when making art, the moment where the outside world melts away and your thoughts guide your hand across the page. Here’s something I drew for a campaign setting guide a friend is working on. He asked for a tattoo design for a military group and the only stipulation was that it need spears and maybe a skull. Well Skulls being my specialty, I couldn’t possibly say no.