DIY drafting table

I’ve been in the market for a drafting table for a while, up until now my workspace has been a drawing board propped on my lap leaning against the computer desk. Not only is that uncomfortable after a while it’s not always a quiet place to work. Recently I cleared up some space in my garage to create a studio and first things first I needed a desk.  I opted to build my own for a fraction of the cost of buying a basic table or used one (not to mention I can customize it however I like) . I found some ideas searching far and wide on the internet and came across a wall mounted easel of a similar design that I used as a starting point. I began with 60″ x 30″ melamine tabletop from home depot, some door hinges and various brackets, bolts and lumber. The tabletop is mounted via the door hinges to a 2×4 anchored to the wall studs . The angle is determined by the braces underneath.


It is fully adjustable, for the moment I only have one setting at roughly 45 degrees I’ll see how that works for me and change it as I see fit. Here’s the underside you can see the hinges that create the pivot point for the table.


The bracing arms are mounted to the table using L brackets with the arms bolted to the other end.


I used a threaded metal rod to tie the two arms together for support and as you can see they rest on some hooks screwed to the wall for easy adjustment.


And if I ever need space the whole thing can collapse flat against the wall. The only other thing I added was a rail along the front to keep my paper or drawing board on the table. Next up is moving a light above the table and finding a suitable side table and chair.