DIY Comic page layout

It all started with a little template modification early Friday morning. I began my adventure just after my wife and son left to embark on journey’s of their own. I downloaded the magazine print template (think Savage Sword of Conan or EC horror comics) from (a print on demand comics publisher) and used that as a basis for my comic blue line pages. Using their measurements I laid out the live area, trim lines and bleed, changed all the lines to 30 percent cyan and printed them out on some Bristol. I did want to make them 150 -200% larger than print size but I don’t have access to a color printer that will print on the paper I want, so I’m drawing at actual size. Then back to the drawing board where I started penciling my comic.  Having already done the thumbnails and re-written the dialog it came together fairly quickly. At the end of the day I had 3 pages almost ready to ink. Here is what the template looks like

.8.25 x10.75 magazine_template

Feel free to download this and try it out yourself. I’ll post my pages later after I scan them.

Come on, tell me what you think?