Having a “Day Job” SUCKS!

Who hasn’t though working a day job sucks? This isn’t how it was supposed to be. I’ve been slowly taking steps to distance myself from working a day job in any way I can. Art should be my career as far as I’m concerned. The demands of life weight heavy on me, just like I’m sure they do for you as well. like so many others I can’t walk away from a paycheck and build something on my own all at once, certain measures need to be in place. I have a family to support after all. I know I need to get more art out but I don’t have an excess of time to make it, that is the ultimate paradox. So I’ve been building to set up other revenue streams to help, by freeing me from my dependence on working a solid day job. In the past I’ve posted designs on Threadless and Teespring, started an estsy store but all were no help to me. What time I had available was focused on them but  I found they never gained traction. Mostly I blame myself for that.

But I have learned from them and have found new avenues to explore, some that I think are more suited to what I am trying to do. Currently, I have put up multiple designs on redbubble which is a print on demand style store that takes care of the back-end of the sales. Also I have set up a Patreon account for anyone interested in getting some behind the scenes info on my painted graphic novel “The Pod”. In case anyone is unfamiliar with these sites redbubble is a print on demand company that invites artists to put their designs on everything from clothing to coffee mugs, they handle the shipping and manufacturing and the profits are shared between them and the artist. Patreon is a sort of crowd funding site that gives fans of artists, musicians and other creatives a chance to support what they are creating. The artist sets the reward tiers based on what they can accomplish and by what goals they set for themselves for as little as a 1 dollar a month pledge. It’s really an exciting time to be an artist, I felt so lost when I was younger not knowing where to look or what to do. Now I just think “Fuck them I’ll do it myself” I know I can do anything and damn it I will.

If anyone is interested in helping me create my graphic novel they can support me on Patreon or purchase something on Redbubble or just like, subscribe and share my Art Vlog videos on youtube. Thanks to everyone already supporting my art it means the world to me. Also I put my comic forever green on webtoons for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. Lastly here’s my latest Art Vlog # 15, thanks again.




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