Back Story and Underpainting – Art Vlog #35

I’ve been very analytical on my posts here and on my vlog. It’s in my nature and for some reason I have a hard time loosening up and getting comfortable. It takes me a lot of time but I do get there eventually. I tried something different on this weeks vlog, instead of just explaining what I’m doing while painting, I talked about the story itself. I like how it turned out, I’m definitely starting to figure out a system that works for me.

Making My Patreon Great Again!

Making Patreon work for me is something that had escaped me for the last few months. I started because I could. It was one more place to put myself out there and expand my readership. After starting it I wasn’t sure where to take it. So, that’s where I left it like a sad puppy wanting some attention all the while I was somewhere else.

I knew it was time for a change and I did it. The whole thing has been revamped, with new tiers, new goals and the look streamlined. I decided that if someone wants to help me achieve those goals I needed to provide more to them than I had originally thought. Now any patron can read finished pages of the Pod before they’re published anywhere. More behind the scenes stuff will be added weekly. Also I wanted something physical that I could offer. So, at my highest tier thus far I offer an exclusive postcard every month with a sketch on the back. There’s more to do, and I’m pumped to get back to work. New ideas are circling my brain just waiting for the chance to burst out.

I just want to thank everyone who has already pledged this month, you are AWESOME!!! As well I want to thank everyone who shared my post about my review on the comic vault. If you haven’t seen what I’m up to take a look at my Patreon page or my Vlog. I have plenty to see and more to come. Thanks again for all the support.

NEW Comic on webtoons and Vlog #34

Specimen X

I have a new comic up on webtoons called Specimen X. I have added it to the Tales of the Damned series I’m working on. Also Forever Green (the first Damned Tale) was Just reviewed by the Comic Vault, rather positively which I’m happy about. Check it out, Jamie Ryder has a cool blog with lots of different stuff there. As for my vlog this week shows me finishing up toning Specimen X with copic markers. It was nice to take a bit of a break from The Pod and work on something smaller for a change. These smaller projects can give a shot of motivation and shake things up. I may be in trouble if they become addictive and slow down my progress on the big project. I guess you just need to follow what feels right and for the moment a distraction seemed to be what I needed.

Finished Pages and a Comic Show

Well I finished painting pages 8 and 9 of “the Pod” this week. It felt like an eternity working on those paintings. I also attended the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VANCAF) which was awesome. I showed my work around a little but mostly it was independent artists selling their books. It was inspiring seeing how much work people are putting in to their projects. For myself I can feel overwhelmed at times just thinking about how far I have left to go. At least the stack of finished pages keeps me moving forward. This weeks Vlog shows the last bit of painting and clean up on pages 8 and 9 if you want to check them out. Scanning and lettering are up next. Later

Test Prints & Leveling Up

I’m still at it and nothing will stop me now. I’m Keeping up with my scheduled Vlog updating on Fridays, 31 and 32 are up now. In 31 I make a test prints of the first 7 finished pages of “the Pod” which I plan to show around today at a local Indie Comic Convention Vancaf. Episode 32 shows me working on something a little different. I’m inking a 1 page comic called  “Specimen X” that will be added to Tales of the Damned on Webtoons and I talk about evolving my videos and art. I’ll give some details about the show later and give a heads up when “Specimen X” updates.

Getting Out of My Own Way, in Order to Be Better

I want to be better. Better at everything. Art, writing, fatherhood, speaking, listening and all other aspects of my life. so, I have taken steps over the years to improve over the years. Mostly pertaining to art and some writing. I find other aspects of my life fall flat like fitness and healthy eating. The understanding that I need to do something about it nags at me all the time and yet the drive is never there.

To broaden my horizons I push myself into new avenues like my Vlog and I feel unhappy with the result of what I have created. The videos get better over time and with practice, but I am very critical of what I put out. Often I record the narration multiple times just to make sure I have captured everything I intended to say. Second guessing all the way. Although I think it is easy to fall into that kind of loop when you feel depressed or overwhelmed. Often I wonder if what I do even reaches people or if I help them in any way.

It is too easy to forget that not everyone who comes across your work will react when affected by it. I do the same thing myself, watching from afar until something really resonates. Then and only then will comment and interact. Perhaps it is just human nature to observe and approach with caution.

I try to break my habits and extend beyond the realms of my comfort and push back at the status quo. With so many years of listening to rock and heavy metal the rebellious ideals are ingrained in my soul. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I want to be the best version of myself and I know that I am the only one getting in my way.

Why Make Comics?

Why make comics? Just a short update, in this weeks Vlog I talk about why I decided to make a comic. Starting from failed attempts as an adolescent to building the courage to dive in and do the work. Later.

I’m Run Down, but Still Working

I’m still working at this comics thing. My new Vlog is up showing this weeks progress on my graphic novel “The Pod”. I don’t want this blog to turn into an aggregate for my Vlog but I have so little time as is. Blog posts are getting harder to write. I need to set a schedule for them otherwise they fall to the wayside. Maybe if I change-up the way I use it, to create a journal of thoughts or something similar. I don’t have new ideas for art techniques I use and if I do I’ll make a video. So a change needs to happen and I’m not sure what that is just yet. In the mean time my Vlog is updating on Fridays at 9 am if you are keeping up with my progress.

I missed posting the last couple so here is 27 and 28 as well.


Mixed Media Painting Tricks

How I paint is not entirely traditional, since I mix media in almost everything I do. Detailed drawings hide beneath my paintings, sometimes pencil other times ink. I use coloured pencils to add texture and highlights. Also I ink on top of paint if a graphic or comic book style look is what I’m after. I just find the right tool for the job at any given moment. If you want to see me in action, I’m painting pages 6 and 7 of “The Pod” on this weeks vlog. I explain more of the process I use when creating this comic.

Did my Vlog increase productivity?

By starting my Vlog I believe my productivity has increased, despite adding extra work like editing videos. It holds me accountable in a strange way and sets a loose schedule. Making me work even if I don’t always feel like it.

Since October I have finished penciling 2 chapters, inked 13 pages and painted 7. Not too shabby but it never feels like enough. I think in some ways I’m too hard on myself. The desire to see more done can be like a weight around my neck. Dragging me down instead of spurring me on. Mind games with myself is part of the territory I guess. I know the only one holding me back is myself and I just have to push through that resistance. The slowly building stack of pages is the real motivator. Seeing the work finished makes this project become real and I can’t wait to start sharing this story with others. In the mean time you can cheer me on and check in on my progress. Thanks to everyone Liking and sharing.