Collaboration Part 1

For the past few years Joel Searcy ( and I have been wanting to collaborate on some art but never could find the time to make it work. So I had the idea to trade some pieces back and forth through various stages of completion. I mounted some paper onto panels and we both started drawing. The first panel  began as a plaque that originally had antlers mounted on it, I could never decide what to do with it so I asked him to start something on it.  He began a stylized castle on the lower portion and left the top completely blank. As for mine I wanted to try something akin to the pulp sci-fi cover that I did a while ago. So I started creating a Robotic Space ape, I purposely left the background vague to let Joel go nuts. I hope he messes with what I’ve done, nothing is sacred here. We’re going to let it evolve organically so I’m not sure how much back and forth we will do. The first trade happened last night and I’ve already got some ideas for what I’ll add to the castle. I’m really excited to see where this goes since we work very differently. Hopefully we can make each other step out of our comfort zones and create something cohesive.

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