Mixed Media Painting Tricks

How I paint is not entirely traditional, since I mix media in almost everything I do. Detailed drawings hide beneath my paintings, sometimes pencil other times ink. I use coloured pencils to add texture and highlights. Also I ink on top of paint if a graphic or comic book style look is what I’m after. I just find the right tool for the job at any given moment. If you want to see me in action, I’m painting pages 6 and 7 of “The Pod” on this weeks vlog. I explain more of the process I use when creating this comic.

Pages Painted !!!Update!!! 2&3 Finished

Pages 2 & 3 are finally fully painted. Check out the newest Art Vlog to see my thoughts about speeding up my process. Really it’s mainly about saving some work from the inking until the end. Paying attention and thoughtfully thinking about what I will do with paint and leaving space for that. Like some of the texture stuff, sky or space scenes and panel borders. That is the main one since the borders are hard to keep clean and crisp when painting over them.

New designs have been posted on my shop for anyone needing a cool shirt or mug.