Blue lines or in this case green

I’ve been wanting to do some inking for a while now but the opportunity hasn’t come up until now. I had an urge to try using a blue line pencil like so many comic heroes from the days of yore. I have one that I got years ago when I failed at making a comic due to lack of a story in an unfocused art class. I found the lead really waxy and a little weird to ink over, so this time I’m using a watercolor pencil crayon in my case I chose green. So far I like how subtle it is on the page it makes for easy corrections. I can use the pencil to shade after inking by just using water, at least that’s my theory. I began this drawing as a daily sketch (an idea that I’ve been contemplating starting but failed to find enough time for). This drawing proved too large and involved for a daily anyway and I think it deserves to be fleshed out.


I know it’s hard to see but here’s the finished pencils.