Why my blog sucks…

My blog sucks!! What have I done to get it to this point? Neglect = sucks!

Well first off I left it alone for too long and it is in dire need of attention. The main problem I see is that I never had a list of clearly defined topics to pull ideas from (now I do) and my goals were not set (now they are, at least in my head). A strict update schedule wasn’t held (it will be, oh it will be). Essentially I broke it, albeit not intentionally of course.

How can I set things right? Goals, topics and a regular schedule. These are all a great start, although one thing has started to bother me over the past few years. I haven’t felt like I put enough of my own voice into my writing. A lot of that stems from the types of posts I’ve been making. Mostly process oriented tutorials and thoughts on creating art. I decided early on that I would keep my posts strictly art related. I now believe that was a mistake. My life encompasses so much more than just that and I threw everything else aside.

I want to be more open about my life and thoughts. Share my interests outside art, comics and their creation. I still plan to make some process posts, but not exclusively.

Over this past year of publishing a weekly art vlog I’ve learned a lot. It has given me some insight into where I have gone astray with creating art and sharing it with others. There is only so close you can hold your cards until you can’t even see them.

I will be posting every Monday to start and hopefully adding another post on Wednesdays. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew even though I’m damn hungry. My vlog will remain updating on Fridays on YouTube. Linking it here has always felt forced, but I suppose I should stick to that as well. So expect 2 posts a week at least and if I slip feel free to call me out or call me a jerk for letting you and myself down.

Come on, tell me what you think?