Been awhile

I have been working on some stuff for the last few months albeit very slowly. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. I was in 2 car accidents since May and have felt unmotivated and depressed as a result, it seems as if everything I’m doing is setting me back. Anyway here’s a drawing I’m working on for a few projects. First off it was a business card concept, but it may be too detailed for that (I’ll try printing it that small and see), also I’m going to do a black and white version for a T-shirt design. If there is enough interest I’ll look into selling them on here. I wanted tom do an old style illustration like Arthur Rackham, a sepia ink under painting with pale watercolors on top. So far I’ve just finished the inks, I’m not sure of the colors at this point but I want them very subtle.

Business card

On a side note Reliable Gun ordered more Zombie shirts so I must be doing something right.