Back at the Drawing Board


I gave myself a little time away from my comic project over the last few months. Upon coming back I wanted to get a fresh perspective on the work I’ve already done. Some feedback has made its way back to me on my script but not too much yet. I hope I didn’t overwhelm my “test audience”. Anyway, I finally dove back in last weekend and have thumbnailed up to chapter 5 which comes out to 96 pages. It is a very involved process but can move quickly once I find a rhythm. These aren’t finished drawings by any means just rough approximations of page flow and composition, most look like scribbles and stick men to anyone but me. After I finish this step I’ll refine any points of the script and thumbnails that need tweaking (I already have a page of notes of small script changes) from there I will finalize my character designs and move onto penciling. I’ve been sketching on my coffee breaks at work, trying out various ideas but find it hard to focus with such a short amount of time. I still have most of it bouncing around in my head, I just need to crack open my skull and pour it onto some paper. By the way, I really like the template. It speeds up the process and gives me a baseline to start from. It also helps with visualizing the facing pages. I’ll move to a full-page template for the pencils. I can post a PDF here if anyone is interested.

Come on, tell me what you think?