Am I Indie enough for Indie Comics

My work seems to be at odds with the majority of indie comics that I have found. They’re not auto bio, humorous, crude or overtly vulgar. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m just not into writing that story.

Indie is the realm for the strange, marginalised and crude since anything goes when you can self publish. Working independent of the system may be the definition but there does seem to be some overall styles that pervade. Simple or graphically stylised art that ranges from cartoon-like to realistic, with an emphasis on story or idea. Although similarities between artists do show up in all arenas, due to the same influences, it’s not the defining factor. Just look at the music industry, there is no coincidence that popular musical taste tends to move in cycles. There are the masses of average people creating derivative work and the few extraordinary stand outs. Who doesn’t want to be that guy? The more artists in the pool, the more there are on both sides of the fence.

Throughout my life I have never been one to fit in or follow the crowd. Which I think is a blessing. As a result I think my work will stand apart from others, which is always a good thing in a crowded arena. For good or ill I’m doing something different. The hardest part is finding like-minded individuals creating similar work. As always it would be nice to discuss the challenges of painting a comic with someone who is facing the same problems. The task gets harder the more obscure your project is.

All that aside fitting in is for chumps, we all have different interests and skills. Each making us unique, just like each artists’ style is an amalgam of his or her influences. I think that there is a place for all comics, I not yet sure where my place is. It’s just my own path and I can’t share it, except for my experiences along the way.

Come on, tell me what you think?