A long time coming

Here’s the color version of my business card design. It’s been staring me in the face so long I don’t really want to look at it anymore. Not that I’ve been working on it, it’s just one of those pieces that has been left dormant for a while (much like that Dragon…ugh). Life always seems to get in the way of stuff you’d like to do or should be doing. Anyhow, I started out using watercolor but I found the colors were too muted and the image was devoid of  depth so I added some acrylic to fix what felt was lacking. I tend to paint very watered down with acrylic anyway since I learned to paint in watercolor first. After switching back i realized the acrylic is a much smoother paint to work with and I happier to just use it. I’m pleased with the finished painting, the only thing I’m going to do is spray fix it and varnish it, then get a better quality photo (this one is way too brown and dark).