Critical hits

A critique of your work can be a helpful thing but when handled in a dismissive or confrontational way no one benefits. I received some comments on my art recently from someone I trust that just felt like I’ve been kicked while I’m already down. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, it’s just a case of miscommunication. First off NEVER start a critique with here’s what you did wrong, that poor artist has just slaved over that work for hours or days only to be told “you did it wrong”. Instead offer something that was done right first, then bring up the hugely un-proportioned hand. I still remember when I was around 7 years old after drawing what was then my “Mona Lisa” and showing my father, the comment I received was “did you trace that because that’s cheating”. Needless to say I didn’t feel I should seek his approval on future pieces. My Mom was and still is encouraging even though I know my art doesn’t appeal to her sensibilities. I guess what I’m trying to say is some people just aren’t going to like what you do or understand why you do it or even further what it’s for. Is that reason enough to quit? I haven’t yet even though my soul has been crushed time and again. It sometimes feels like a personal attack and I know that I don’t always take things the right way. I make art to please myself first and foremost and if someone out there gets something out of it that is just icing on the cake. Thanks for letting me rant.